Common Use Systems Consulting

More that 20 years of experience - share the benefits that we have gained

Our intensive effort is to keep IT-costs on a reasonable level without endangering the operation of the airport. High efficiency and absolute reliability are the main things we are focusing on. Departure control systems (DCS) for check-in and boarding play a central role here. That's why the IT-department has developed concepts to design, implement and operate common-use systems.

Together wiht SITA, a so far new concept to maintain the airports common use system was developed in 1998.

In 2006, a complete new common use system based on Arinc's iMuse was implemented. The system is owned and operated by the airport.

Even with the introduction of iMuse in 2006, full support both for ATB2 (magnetic stripe) and for ATB1 (2D barcode) boarding passes was implemented. Not without pride, we can say that our system was the first of ist kind.

The know-how gained in these projects, as well as extensive experience we receive day-by-day through the close contacts with almost all vendors on the market, allow us to offer high-level consulting services.

Common Use Systems Consulting is another service offered by the FMO IT Department.

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