Gate Access Verification System

In 2006, as one of the first airports worldwide, Muenster/Osnabruck International Airport (FMO) implemented a new check-in system which fully supports the new 2D barcode boarding passes for all airlines operating at FMO.

The 2D-barcode technology offers many advantages, but it also puts new challenges on security. Airlines, airport operators and other authorities may have to face potential abuse. Home-printed boarding passes can be easily reprinted or faked. Modified boarding passes on mobile phones can be copied or forwarded.

GAVS® is an electronic verification for boarding passes at security checkpoints on airports.

The system checks each passenger's boarding pass. Depending on the result, the passenger is allowed to pass or not.

GAVS® is designed for operation in two different modes: attended by security staff or in self-service with automatic door/turnstile support. From the experience with the operation of the system at Muenster/ Osnabruck International Airport, two interesting findings were made:

  • The passengers accepted the new system straight away. It doesn't appear to them as an additional security check
  • The security staff confirmed, that GAVS® is a relief for them, and the process is accelerated

GAVS® greatly improves the feeling of security and accelerates the process significantly.

Thus, GAVS® is a helpful tool which delivers data that have not been in existence before. Together with data from other sources, it is now possible to gain information that has not been available before.

Another major benefit of GAVS® is the opportunity to use the collected data for statistic purposes. Every boarding pass check is stored into the GAVS® database. A wide range of reports can help to plan and review utilization of staff and other resources, e.g. the average time, passengers of a specific airline stay in the waiting area, can be determined easily.

In many discussions with other airports and airlines a large variety of possible scenarios has been explored. This shows how valuable GAVS® can be.

Product family:
GAVS® for big and medium size Airports
GAVS®-One for a small and smaller stations and
C-GAVS® for a Cloud service - SaaS


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