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Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) is one of the most successful international airports in Germany. It is served with scheduled flights by Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Tuifly, Air France, and Cirrus Airlines, as well as many other carriers. Our ultimate aim is to provide a stress-free and relaxing environment for our passengers.

In order to to this, FMO has developed a variety of security and IT-products and services. A major goal of our work is to make all processes in the terminal and at the apron more effective and also more comfortable for the passenger. To achieve this end we play the role of an intelligent and innovative interface between the airline and the passenger.

At most airports around the world, processes such as checkin and boarding are controlled by airlines or a handling agents; the required infrastructure such as common-use systems, baggage handling systems or screening-systems is often operated by external service providers. Without interaction this can lead to interruptions in the process and data flow.

As part of a project in 2006 FMO took full control of the common-use system. This state-of-the-art system, which completely supports 2D-barcode technology, is owned and operated by FMO. Triangular relations between airlines and third-party service providers were disbanded. This resulted not only in an improvement of the service quality but also in considerable savings for the airlines, the operating agents and the airport.

Thanks to the experience gained through many projects, FMO is able to live up to its own standards and to meet its customers' demands with effective products and consulting services.

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