Baggage Message Handling System

Baggage tracking with absolute transparency

In 2002, a software for baggage tracking was developed for Lufthansa. The software allows the Airlines to know precisely, where their passengers' bags are in the handling process and what status they have.

Depending on the progress and status in the process, the system generates BPMs (Baggage Process Messages) that are sent as a Type-B-Message to the Airlines.

The BMHS is linked to the airports baggage handling system; it sends messages when a piece of baggage has passed the x-ray and also if it was declared as safe or unsafe. It also generates a message when the bags are loaded on the aircraft.

The data that is sent to the airline gets stored in a database in parallel. It can be used for statistics and planning purposes.

The BMHS help Airlines and Airports to be IATA Resolution 753 ready monitoring the acquisition and delivery of bags at every step: check-in, aircraft loading, arrivals inject, transfers inject etc.

The BMHS can be use by Airlines to comply IATA Resolution 753/A4A Resolution 30.53.

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