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Wellcome to special site for Airport-IT-Solutions from the IT-Department of the Münster Osnabrück International Airport.

The IT Department of FMO is a provider specializing in network management, technical product consulting and support and airport-technology-based professional services. With a track record spanning 15 years, the IT-Department of FMO serves the airport-sector and small and medium-sized enterprises. Its portfolio includes software development as well as consultancy and professional services. We offer our customers efficient, integrated Airport-IT concepts and high-quality and cost-effective products.

We like to show you the products that we developed for the airports in recent time. Specially our GAVS (Gate Access Verification System), a unique system to verify the passengers boarding pass at security checkpoints, has a point of central interesting.

A new product we have create, will help Airlines and Airports to comply with IATA Resolution 753/A4A Resolution 30.53.
BMHS (Baggage Message Handling System) is a result of more than 15 years learning and understanding the baggage process on all its facets and the methodic how airlines use different BRS and messaging. BMHS understand event different Airlines-"dialects" and can be easy customizing.

When you talk with us, you will quickly find out what our motto "established products and services from the airport for airports" describes.

For further information regarding GAVS, BHMS or other our innovative products please use the contact form.

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IT-Products for Airports:

  • GAVS
  • BMHS